bettersweetmaple water

Nature is starting a
beverage company


We set out to make the most deliciously organic, good-for-you drinks on the planet. Turns out Vermont maple trees beat us to it.

So we decided to go to work for Nature. Now we’re happy to bring you BetterSweet Maple Water, just the first of many pure, perfectly sweetened products with nothing manmade added. And that’s a promise.

beaker They make their drinks
inside a lab
Ours is made
inside a tree
For the last century, humans have tried and failed to make a tasty, low-calorie drink without adding artificial sweeteners and stuff that may or may not kill you.

So we asked ourselves,
what would Nature do?

First, she’d replace all the factories with forests. She’d use only single, whole ingredients and do away with all the secret ones. Instead of adding sugary sweeteners, she’d craft her own subtle and sophisticated sweetness from sunshine. So that’s all we’ve done. We’ve let Nature do her thing. We think of BetterSweet as Nature’s first beverage company. All we do is tap and bottle it. Because nature always does it better. 
Trees 1. Factories 0.

What is maple water?

BetterSweet Maple Water is the pure, refreshing sap that flows from Vermont maple trees in Spring. That’s it. One ingredient. 35 simple calories with the perfect hint of sweetness. It not only tastes better than those other sugary drinks but is better for you too. Every sip is infused with micronutrients, antioxidants and organic minerals delivered straight to you from some very happy, healthy trees. You’re in for one of Nature’s finest treats.

BetterSweet Maple Water really is better than all those other drinks in just about every way.

100{16549236f1f56c105a5aeab18f07f4c6efc432a2729e9b3ac9c567e7b73351d4} organic goodness subtly sweetened by photosynthesis

only 35 calories Grown in AMERICA One ingredient: nature

made by trees enhanced with micronutrients and minerals No GMOs No preservatives no added anything

And tastes a heck of a lot better than coconut water, You’ll see.


BetterSweet is
Sourced from Vermont
& Certified Organic

VERMONT. Home to the best maple in the whole world, and home to BetterSweet’s Organic Certified Maple forest. Sweet!

100{16549236f1f56c105a5aeab18f07f4c6efc432a2729e9b3ac9c567e7b73351d4} ORGANIC. Because we know trucking & packaging use non-organic chemicals along the way, we didn’t stop at Organic Certifying our forest, we went the extra mile to USDA Certify our BetterSweet Maple Water from the tree to when you twist one open. 100{16549236f1f56c105a5aeab18f07f4c6efc432a2729e9b3ac9c567e7b73351d4} Organic means you can’t get any Better!

Nature wouldn’t have it any other way in Her beverage company; when you’re drinking BetterSweet it’s like drinking her maple water straight from the tree. Don’t be fooled by others telling you their process is better; if its not Certified Organic, it’s just not the same.


Don’t worry, no trees are ever harmed in the making of BetterSweet Maple Water.

In fact, by drinking BetterSweet, you’re protecting trees from being chopped down, which kind of makes you an American tree hero.


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